February 11, 2017 Rockin’ M Ranch Salt River Fly Fishing Report

February 11, 2017

I like to check in this time of the year to make a prediction for when the Salt River and Snake River fly fishing may get started for the following summer based on our current snowpack.  We are currently having a very big winter.  The Snake River drainage snowpack is currently 160% of the 30 year average.  As of now, waters in the area will not likely be clear until July.  If the spring is warm it could be early July, and if it stays cold and precipitation continues, it could be late July.  Regardless, there are always smaller streams in the area that always clear a bit earlier.  Lets hope for an early spring.  I have posted a you tube link below to some streamer fishing from last fall.  If you like to throw streamers October is a great time to be on the Salt River.  I am currently offering discounted cabin/guided drift boat fishing trips during the month of October.  For reservations please call Rockin’ M Ranch at 307-654-2288.

Please check out our Youtube video link shot during October of 2016