Fishin’ with Rob (March 9, 2013)

Fishin’ with Rob


Whether you fish the Salt, Snake, Green or the Greys, do it on your own or hire a guide, there’s a ton of trout within easy reach of the Rockin’ M Ranch outside Alpine, Wyoming.

“Hit him!”


I jerked the rod tip up – a full second later. The fish disappeared back into the depths and my fly bobbed serenely on.


Rob didn’t seem to mind. Nor my wife. They continued their argument over the coming election as the boat drifted down through the run – Rob at the oars and my wife in the stern – while I stood in the bow, straining aging eyes to see my fly, determined not to miss the next strike.


This was our fifth year with Rob and our second trip of the season. We met Rob and the Rockin’ M after one of those lucky calls that happen from time to time. Two things came together. I had read an article about fly fishing on the Greys and my wife had consented to give fly fishing a try… providing we found someone other than me to teach her. An internet search led me to the Rockin’ M web site. The accommodations looked great, and they promised a guide service for local waters. So we called, talked to Jamie and decided to give the Rockin’ M a try.


And were we pleasantly surprised. Now, we are no strangers to upscale accommodations – having stayed in lodges, inns, cabins, houses and condos from Tofino on Vancouver Island to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota and Banff in British Columbia to Mesilla in New Mexico.

We found the ambiance, decor and setting of the cabins at the Rockin’ M compete with the best of them. And for hosts – it is hard to beat Jamie and Rob. But, enough said about the Rockin’ M. Let’s talk fishing.


‘Tho I had wanted to float the Snake, Rob felt the Salt would offer a better place to teach my wife the rudiments of fly casting and fishing for trout. And was he ever right. More spring creek than river, it makes a wonderful float. Screened by weeds, brush and high banks you float in your own world through a pastoral valley with only the occasional cow for company.


On that first float, Rob coaxed my wife through her initial casts and within minutes had her fly running before the boat. Within an hour the tutorial had graduated to placement, mending her line and setting her hook… And that was when she caught her first fish. Meanwhile, I sat in the stern, amazed at the process – and Rob’s ability to teach – idly casting a dry fly to likely spots next to the bank. Within minutes of her first fish, she had a second one on, and before she could land it,  I had a fish on. We were hooked…. on Rob and floating the Salt.


At least once each year we spend a week at the Rockin’ M. If Rob says the Green is hot, or suggests the Snake, we try to convince him the Salt is where we want to be. And if we get talked out of it – we have to make a second trip out to float the Salt with Rob.

By: Marvin Bibby