Fly Fishing Report for Jackson Hole and Alpine Wyoming

August 5, 2012

Hello, This is Rob with the Rockin M Ranch and Outfitters in Alpine Wyoming. I appologize for the space between blogs, I have been busy guiding on the area rivers and I am just learning wordpress.  This has been a great summer for Fly Fishing.  This has also been one of the earliest starts I can remember in the last ten years.

All of the rivers started fishing well  3-4 weeks earlier than than typical, which ended up being the first weeks of June.  I am frequently fishing the Salt, Snake and Green.  Many people assume that  these hot, lower water years result in poor fishing.  I have had very few slow days this summer.  It is typical for the rivers to slow down somewhere between 1:00-3:00, but all last week the Salt fished the best in the afternoons until our guided day was over around 5:00-6:00 p.m.  I am noticing that fishing the sections with the faster more oxygenated water is the key to afternoon success.  In general I avoid the sections with the slower banks.  I fished Wilson to South Park on the Snake River in Jackson last week.  I was not impressed.  Slow fishing and big crowds.  Thanks for reading.  I will try to update more often.