Rockin’ M Ranch Fly Fishing Report

June 10, 2013

Rockin’ M Ranch Alpine, Wyoming

The snow run-off has been very light this spring.  The warm and windy days have seem to evaporated a fair bit of the snow before it has made it to the rivers.  In general there just wasn’t much snow under 8000 feet this last winter.  Most of the rivers are peaking right now, and the peak is not very high.  The Salt River’s average peak is June 4th.  Today the Salt is running 830 C.F.S and the average for this day in history is 1500.  All of the snotel monitoring sites in the Salt river drainage, which are typically between 8000-9000 feet, have just ran out of snow this last week.  I guided a trip on the Salt River Saturday.  We fished in the evening.  The Caddis hatch was about as big as I have ever seen.  There was about two feet of visibility.  We picked up a few fish on dry flys and a few on nymphs.  I am guessing that within the next week or two, if not sooner, the Salt will be fishing great.