Rockin’ M Ranch Fly Fishing Report Alpine Wyoming August 4, 2016

Rockin’ M Ranch Fly Fishing Report Alpine, Wyoming August 4, 2016

Sorry for the long delay in reports.  I get so busy fishing that I rarely have time to get on the computer.  So far this summer I can honestly say I haven’t had a bad day on the Salt River,  I have had a few slow mornings or slow afternoons but by the end of the day we have hooked a fair number of fish,  It has been a warm summer with very little rain.  The Salt is currently running about 416 C.F.S of which the typical average this time of year is closer to 600.  The Snake river is also running about 2000 C.F.S. lower than normal,  The snake is also suffering water temps close to 70 degrees which has brought on warnings from the game and fish to be very careful with the handling of the cutthroats in the mid day. Fortunately the Salt is a spring fed river.  Morning temps in the upper portions of the Salt still start around 50 degrees,  In general the fish are still eating the flies very well.  In the morning I use smaller parachute adams type flies (may flies) and larger foam hopper and golden stone patterns in the afternoon.  A nymph dropper will still pick up a few fish, but doesn’t seem to be working as well as it did a few weeks ago,  I am guiding the Salt River daily.  To book a fly fishing trip please call 307-654-2288,  Thanks….Rob Meikle (guide and owner)