Rockin’ M Ranch Fly Fishing Report Alpine, Wyoming

Rockin’ M Ranch Fly Fishing Report Alpine and Jackson Hole Wyoming June 19, 2013

Well it is finally here.  The local rivers and creeks are running clear and the fish are hungry.  My guide Joe fished Mccoy and Bear Creek in Idaho two days ago and had great results catching several  fish on the surface.  I was up the Greys River canyon yesterday.  Anglers are catching fish.  The main Greys River and Little Greys River are both running clear.  Average flow for this time of the years is typically about 1700-1800 c.f.s.  Today the Greys is at 1060 and falling.  The Salt River is looking great.  The bugs are out.  Many yellow sallies, golden stones, and the caddis are out in the evenings.  The Salt River usually peaks around June 4th and has an average peak run-off around 1500 c.f.s.  This year it peaked on June 12th at about 900 c.f.s.  Today it is running at 625 and dropping daily.  These next two weeks should be incredibly good fishing on the Salt.  The Snake Rivers clarity isn’t horrible but it may be a week or two before it gets good.  It is currently running at 10,100 c.f.s at the Alpine gauging station.  It usually starts to fish well when the flows are 5000-8000.  The Green River has also dropped a fair bit this week.  It is flowing at 1130.  The average for this time of year is about 1800.  It may start fishing well within the week.  I am expecting a great summer of Fly Fishing.  I will do my best to update this blog throughout the summer, although I find myself in front of the oars more than the keyboard.