Rockin’ M Ranch Salt River Report

June 5, 2014

The spring run off is in full swing right now.  Although, the good news is, that it looks like it peaked on May 30th at a little over 2200 c.f.s.  It is currently at 1800 and on a slow downward trend.  To put it in perspective, the Salt ran at 4700 c.f.s. in 2011.  We had a large snowpack this last winter, around 130%, but nowhere near 2011.  Most mountain snowtel sites between 8000-9000 feet are showing 20-40″ left to melt out.  In general there is more snow to melt up North on the Snake River drainage than down South.  There are a few select areas that fish can be caught as of now.  McCoy Creek on the Idaho side will be fishing within days.  In general, I think the Salt is a few weeks out, my guess is the Snake will be several weeks behind the Salt this season.  I’m sure there will be plenty of good fishing to be found by the 1st of July.