December 1, 2019 Alpine, WY Snow Report Rockin’ M Ranch

2019/2020 Alpine, Wyoming Snow Report from the Rockin’ M Ranch Cabin Rentals
I plan on reporting after every significant storm or series of storms as I have in the past years. For those not familiar with Alpine or the Rockin’ M Ranch, here are a few facts that might help you better understand this report. Alpine sits at 5630′, Jackson and Afton are both at about 6200′. Rockin’ M 5700′. Although the elevation is lower in Alpine, Alpine typically receives significantly more snow than Jackson and Afton, due to it’s location at the junction of the Snake River and Greys River canyons. Alpine is a very snowmobile friendly town where it is acceptable to drive a snowmobile on all snow covered roads to gas stations, bars, restaurants, etc. The Greys River is the most popular riding area, with the trail head sitting on the edge of town. The Greys is very easy to “self guide” due to the main trail following the river through the National Forest with side trails and canyons on both sides of the river for about 50 miles. The box Y lodge which provides lunch and fuel is 28 miles up the trail system and can only be accessed by snowmobile. Most of the riding in the Greys River area is from 6000-10,000 feet. There are also many great riding areas up and down the (Star Valley) valley that with a little windshield time, you can eliminate some trail riding and get to the good snow quicker, including Willow Creek, the South End, Indian Creek, and Sheep Creek by Palisades Dam. Some of my favorite riding is on the west side of the valley in Idaho McCoy Creek area. After January 1st the McCoy Trailhead Parking lot is connected to Alpine by a groomed trail. The mean riding elevation in the Idaho side is about 1000 feet lower than the Wyoming side, therefore the riding may take a few weeks longer before it has good coverage. I often find more untracked areas with great boondocking and less avalanche danger on the Idaho side.
The Rockin’ M Ranch has seven deluxe cabins with stocked full kitchens, gas fireplaces, Direct Tv, Wifi, propane barbeque grills, and hot tubs. Each cabin has sufficient parking for snowmobile trailers. Additional parking is available for extremely large rigs. The cabins are located 4 miles South of Alpine. Our Highway turn off is exactly 1/2 mile South from the McCoy Creek snowmobile trail head. Some guests prefer to ride via groomed trail to Alpine, others trailer. Most years there is ample snow to ride to town until the last week of March. For guests staying at the Rockin’ M we have private access to the Targhee National Forest directly west of the cabins. For many years we also operated a snowmobile rental service. We since have sold that portion of the business to Scenic Safaris. They still cater to the guests of our cabins and will deliver to the cabins for your convenience 307-734-8898. I have been guiding the area for over 25 years and am always happy to go over maps with you and show you my favorite riding areas. Check out our website For reservations and availability please call Jamie at 307-654-2288.
Thanks for reading….Rob

December 1, 2019
It has been snowing off and on for about a week. Prior to last week we had almost no snow under 8000′. Maybe a foot or so over that. I just measured 11″ here at the Rockin’ M cabins. The local ski resorts both are reporting a storm totals between about 20-24″ of new snow. The Willow Creek (East of Thayne, Bedford Area) snotel site appears to be the biggest gain going from less than a foot a week ago to 37″ this morning. Spring Creek Divide snotel (South East from Afton) is showing 26″. Blind Bull (East of the Box Y) is showing 24″. Phillips bench (Teton Pass) went from 14″ to 34″ this week. More snow in the forecast for tonight and a bigger storm is predicted for next weekend and cool temps. We are off to a good start!