December 14, 2019 Alpine, WY Snow Report Rockin’ M Ranch

December 14, 2019 Alpine, Wyoming Snow Report Rockin’ M Ranch
It has continued to snow lightly over the last 24 hours. We have picked up a couple more inches in the Alpine/Star Valley. It appears that the mountains picked up another 4 to 6. Snotels are showing around 42″. Guests of the cabins have been riding the south end (Salt River Summit) area for the past three days. They claim snow is thigh to waist deep and some places close to 5′. The base is good and it has been over the hood powder. They claimed it was “as good as it gets”. Should have decent riding for the Christmas holidays for those willing to gain some elevation. Also plenty of snow to get around Alpine. Cold weather predicted for the mid-week and another storm possible for next weekend.