December 2, 2013

Drive through Alpine, Wyoming right now and you will wonder where this winter storm went, but there is a very definite snowline 1/3 to 1/2 of the way up the mountains. Wow!!, we got pounded up high these last forty eight hours. Keep in mind this new wet snow is sitting atop a layer of dry fluff which had to settle a bunch under this new snow.
First number 48 hours ago and now:
Blind Bull (Wyoming range): 22″ now 45″
Willow (Salt River Range): 21″ now 37″
Spring Creek (Afton): 18″ now 36″
Togwotee: 28″ now 39″
Targhee Ski Resort (Alta Wyoming): 41″ now 55″
Supposed to cool down and keep snowing throughout the week. Pretty warm out there right now