December 4, 2017 Alpine, WY Snow Report Rockin’ M Ranch

December 4, 2017 Alpine, WY Snow Conditions Rockin’ M Ranch
This last storm really cooled things down and made it feel and look like winter around here. It appears most of the valley floor received about an inch or two. The mid mountain elevations appear to have received about 6-8″ (Salt River summit 7700 feet went from 6″ to 12″) and the high mountains may have received a foot or more of fresh. Willow Creek went from 27″ a few days ago to 37″ inches overnight with no reading in the last 8 hours. Blind Bull went from 37″ to 42″. Afton end has the last reading at 28″ with the avalanche center reporting 12″ of new at commissary ridge. Jackson Hole resort is reporting 8″ and Targhee 6″ in the last 24 hours. In all it appears that the front side of the Salt River Range averaged about a foot of new up high. A good valley storm is needed so we can access the new snow up high. Temps are predicted to stay below freezing for the week.