February 15, 2016 Rockin’ M Ranch Snow Report Alpine, Wyoming

February 15, 2016 Alpine Wyoming Snow Report Rockin’ M Ranch
This last storm is what has been typical in this area from the last couple of winters. I was hoping we were done with these warm storms. Yesterday we woke up to 3″ of new snow here at the cabins. My renters from yesterday said there was about 6″ of new up high. Today it has rained in the valley and appears that the snow line is around 7500, It was about 6500 this morning. The good news is, the snowpack continues to builds up high, and with a little climb in elevation, decent snow should be not too hard to find. The bad news is, the snow down low is probably going to be wet, heavy, concrete type crap until it cools off and snows again. Warm 40 degree weather in the forecast for a couple of days and then more snow on Thursday and Saturday with cooler temps. In the big picture of the winter, we still have 3 feet plus on the valley floor, twice as much as last winter. Still a lot of winter and good riding left!!