February 16, 2015

High temps in the Star Valley and Alpine continue in the low to mid 30’s. The best way I can describe current conditions would be Mid-March conditions. I talked to 3-4 different groups. One said snow was good above 8000-8200 feet. Another group rode the bowls in the head of Squaw and Murphy. They said it was good, sinking in about 8″ to 1 foot (they had a good time). Similar reports for Blind Bull. With current conditions it is the time to go explore the off the beaten path areas that you maybe couldn’t get to or the big bowls that you are typically nervous to ride. Although it is not our most prime conditions for this time of the year, many groups who have ridden many areas in the west this winter have told me that we have the best snow they have come across. Hopefully we see a weather pattern change (predicted) next week and to get us back on track for this time of the year.