February 26, 2018 Rockin’ M Ranch Snow Report Alpine, Wyoming

February 26, 2018 Alpine, WY Snow Report Rockin’ M Ranch
It started snowing pretty good this morning. I will get back with totals when it is all done. I have received several reports in the last couple of days. **Slide update**. The Forest Service has created a detour up and around the slide at mile 17. You will come to a bush marked by a bunch of orange marking tape and then follow a trail around the slide. It is a narrow trail through the trees with some small climbs. A little tricky, and you probably don’t want to take grandma on it. The same group also went to Blind Bull using the original route up Blind Bull road. They said that was a piece of cake. The trail is groomed from both directions from the slide and all in the group easily made it around the slide. They said the riding was great at Blind bull. A foot of fresh on a firm base. That was before todays storm. The coming days should be awesome up there. I also received reports that McCain meadows had great snow, especially the Bull Hollow Area. In all this has been a strange winter and has received much bad press regarding the snow conditions and avalanche conditions. This is a year that the larger steep aspects are better left alone. The overall snow conditions have really turned around in the last two weeks. The winter is BACK TO NORMAL. The roads and parking lots in Alpine are snow covered again. There is plenty of snow to get around the valley floor. The temps have been below freezing for the last 2-3 weeks. The snowpack over 8000 feet is over 100%. I know many have written this winter off, for they think there is no snow. I get calls all the time with people worried. Looking out my window, it looks like it should for late February. The next few weeks will be the best riding of this season. I encourage anyone that has been riding in our area to post their own pictures and reports here.
Thanks for reading….Rob