January 18, 2019 Rockin’ M Ranch Snow Report Alpine, Wyoming

January 18, 2019 Alpine, WY Snow Report Rockin’ M Ranch
This last storm was pretty good to us. Typical of the pacific storms from last few years. Started as snow in the Valley, put down 4 or 5 inches and them a rain snow mix, then back to snow for a few hours. Left us 4-5″ of wet heavy in the valley and gave the mountains a good hit. The front range (Salt River Range) seemed to do the best. Both Willow Creek (near Bedford) and Spring Creek (Afton) are showing a solid 14″ of new snow on the stick which is fairly conservative guess. This snow had substantially more moisture than the last storms, so I am sure you have to account for a fair bit of settling. Both of those site are now over 50″. Blind Bull on the Wyoming range looks like 6-8″. Both of our ski resorts are reporting 14″ in the last 48 hours. As compared to the last couple years the low and mid elevations are looking awesome right now. If it were me I would be boondocking the Idaho Side to the west of Alpine. I’m sure the big stuff is unstable. Keep it in the trees and not to steep. Plenty of fun to be had. Last I checked the BTNF avalanche report was not active due to the gov shutdown.