January 21, 2014

January 21, 2014
Rockin’ M Ranch Snow Report Alpine, Wyoming
I’ve received many phone calls lately asking about the snow conditions.  It has been dry and sunny since the last big storm about 8 days ago.  Temps have started cold in the morning (around 0) and have warmed up some days to 30-34.  Reports are that most open areas have based up pretty well, some soft snow can still be found in the shady trees.
To summarize this season and put it in perspective:
We are currently at 100-112% of the average for this day of the year.  I believe this is either based on the 30 year average or as long as they have been recording.  This is as follows Blind Bull 112% (54″), Willow Creek 102% (52″), Salt River Summit 103 %.  Most of last year we spent between 85% and 95%.  The valley storms have been warm this entire season.  There is plenty of snow to get around the valley and the trail is groomed from McCoy through the town of Alpine.  Just not as much snow down low as we would typically have considering we are over 100% up high.
Compared to other riding areas we are looking good.  Utah’s state wide average is 77%, closer to 83% the further north you get.  Island park Idaho is 91%.  Northern Idaho ranges from 60% to 89%.  Some areas of Colorado and and Montana are 110-120%.