January 23, 2015 Alpine Wyoming Snow Report Rockin’ M Ranch

I rode out of Bedford today. Snow was not crusty down low like it has been near the valley floor west of the Alpine. About half way up it got pretty good, sinking in about a foot. Snow is better in the trees and more shaded areas, in all everyone was happy with the conditions. Good carving and can climb most anything. We did not see any fresh slides, but were careful. Did hear of a guy that got buried in Indian Creek (Snake River Range) yesterday. He got out of it ok. There must still be a few boobie traps around. Also some of the south facing slopes that get a lot of sun felt like there was a thin ice crust down about 8″, but this was only in a few select areas. Two different groups on two separate days have told me that blindbull was awesome. 1-3 feet of softer snow and not many tracks.