January 27, 2017 Alpine, Wyoming Snow Report Rockin’ M Ranch

January 26, 2017 Alpine, Wyoming Snow Report Rockin’ M Ranch
The storm has finally tapered off and the prediction is for Sunny Days for the near future with lows in the single digits to a few degrees below zero and highs in the teens. The Valley picked up a foot of new from this last storm. Snotel sites are a little difficult to tell exactly what has accumulated. They seem to be settling fairly quick. Blind Bull 73″, Spring Creek 77″, Willow 78″, Box Y lodge 56″ I took a tape measure and took some samples here at the cabins. We have anywhere from 30-36″ on the flats. The Snake River Basin is at 132% of the 30 year average and the Green River Basin is 158%. What has been different this winter than the last several is that the temps have been much cooler. We have not had a January thaw. In 2011 the snowpack was 150-180% up high, yet this winter we have much more snow at the lower elevations than we had in 2011. Snow conditions couldn’t be much better.