January 5, 2017 Alpine, Wyoming Snow Report Rockin’ M Ranch

January 5, 2017 Alpine, Wyoming Snow Report, Rockin’ M Ranch
We are just getting to the end of another two day storm. I measured about 9″ here at the cabins from the last 24 hours and we received 2-3″ over New Years. The snowpack so far this year is about 120% of the 30 year average on both the Wyoming and Idaho sides. This last storm appeared to hit the front ranges (Salt River Range) and Snake River plain more than the further east ranges. Both the Willow Creek and Spring Creek snotel sites appeared to pick up over 1 foot of new bringing both sites over 60″. The storms of this winter have been much cooler than the storms of the last few years. The snow pack on the valley floor is looking great. Riding is good at all elevations and the powder is light and dry. All ride reports are coming back as “DEEP”. Forecast is extremely cold for the next couple of days followed by more snow on the weekend.