March 2, 2016 Rockin’ M Ranch Snow Report Alpine, WYoming

March 2nd, 2016 Rockin’ M Ranch Snow Report Alpine, WY
It’s the first week of March and the weather for the last few weeks has been a bit more similar to we are used to in the middle of March. Most daytime temps have been in the 30’s and the forecast is for few 40+ days this week. The good news is the snowpack over all is in good shape. Currently Blind Bull is 62″ and 108% of the thirty year average. Willow 66″ 96%. South End (Afton) 67″ and 105%. In general spring riding is here and not likely going to leave. My renters claimed they found over the bumper powder two days ago at Blind Bull in the treed areas. Expect hard spring snow down low and a good chance to find some softer snow/powder if you time the storms right or get high enough on the right aspects. The next storm is predicted next Sunday. Rain in the valley, snow in the mountains. There is currently 1-2′ of snow on the valley floor. Most roads are melted out. Riding around the Valley is possible but some pavement and gravel is going to be encountered around the gas pumps and road crossings. I would recommend trailering to the trail heads.